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Lip Scrubs

Our lips are usually the first thing to get chapped and most of us attempt to solve the problem with chapstick right away; but did you know that you can exfoliate your lips to slough off and smooth out any dry spots?! Our lip scrubs taste yummy so don't worry if you get them in your mouth, they're 100% safe! We recommend you use them once or twice a week to prevent or combat dryness and then of course follow up with a soothing lip balm!


Ing: Sugar, coconut oil, flavoring oil, and mica for color. .5 oz jar

Jolly Rancher

Lip Balm


 lip balm new

Grab a soothing treat for your lips!  They will thank you! 


Watermelon Mint
Orange Chocolate Truffle
Black Cherry
Lemon Poundcake
Rootbeer Float
Jolly Rancher
Blue Raspberry

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